Whole Dried Chile Pods

Whole Dried Chile Pepper Pods  Our premium, all natural, authentic Chile pepper pods are rich in flavor and high on HEAT.  Choose between THREE proven Guinness Worlds Hottest Chiles (measured in Scoville Heat Units).  Pick the level of HEAT you desire or try a Variety Pack of all three.

<strong><em>2000</em></strong> <strong>Habanero                   <em> ~350,000 SHU</em></strong><br />
<strong><em>2007</em> Ghost                          <em>~1,000,000 SHU</em></strong><br />
<strong><em>2013</em> Carolina Reaper    <em>~1,500,000 SHU</em></strong>

PepperliciousS Pepper Company LLC