Variety Packs

It has been said that variety is the SPICE of life.
Now you can enjoy a sampling of three of GUINNESS World’s Hottest Chile peppers in a variety of ways.
At PepperliciousS Pepper Company, we offer different quantities as well as your choice of Whole Dried Chile Pepper Pods, Flakes, Infused Chile Oil or a combination of all three.

Rest assured that no matter what you decide, our premium, all natural, authentic Chile products are rich in flavor and high on HEAT.
Choose between THREE proven Guinness World’s Hottest Chiles (measured in Scoville Heat Units).
Pick the level of HEAT you desire to add to your favorite recipes. The choice is yours.

  • 2000 Worlds hottest Chile – Habanero ~350,000 SHU
  • 2007 Worlds hottest Chile – Ghost ~1,000,000 SHU
  • 2013 Worlds hottest Chile – Carolina Reaper ~1,500,000 SHU

PepperliciousS Pepper Company LLC

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Showing all 6 results